Friday, July 08, 2011

hikmah milik orang beriman

You Can Get There From Here

by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilawe, Ekiti-state, Nigeria)

“No matter where you want to go in life... you can get there from here”

To get there from here, we need to start with the VISION of where we want to go... who we want to become... the life we wish to live... what we want to have...

VISION to me is the promise of what we shall one day become. Vision is the picture of the future that we desire.

It’s been said that “Nothing on earth can stop a person of vision and nothing on earth can help someone without vision”.

It is indeed a dreadful thing to live a life without vision. THE BOOK records that “where there’s no vision, the people perish”

VISION is the force that will catapult us from here to there.
I’m surely convinced that “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, who we see is who we become.”

Vision enables us to visualize, imagine and picture the life we want to live.
Vision energizes us to seek information that will help open up our destiny. Vision makes us seek for valuable insights into our past, into our now and into our future.
Vision will help us strategize and prayerfully plan our tomorrow.
Vision will help guide our actions, allow correct implementation of strategies in line with one’s purpose and ensure that we are heading for a glorious future.
Vision will produce clarity and proper outline of things we need to do for us to feature in our future.
Vision is the force that will inspire us on our mission so as to never give up.

Visualization... Information... Strategizing... Implementation... Outlining... Never giving up=== VISION

Best Regards,
©Fresh Motivation Int’l (July 2011)


bercakap tentang visi, teringat kata-kata Anis Matta, pendakwah Indonesia, beliau berkata:

bayangkan anda sudah mati. disorong masuk ke dalam keranda. bayangkan apa yang akan orang kata tentang diri anda. saat itu, anda tidak punya hak untuk berkata-kata. jika kebaikan yang ingin anda dengarkan maka kebaikanlah yang perlu anda lakukan.


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