Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kongsi: 5 ways to attract people to you

5 Ways To Attract People To You


What is it about 'those' people that seems to always attract a crowd while people often walk right by (or away) from everyone else. They seem to hold some form of magical 'personal power' that automatically draws others toward them.

Have you been in situations where you have wanted to attract more attention – engage in deep, meaningful conversations with those around you but for some reason they just seem to walk away or almost are afraid to talk with you?

  • You're at work trying to get a co-worker's attention, instead they keep talking to someone else
  • How about dating – some people just have a seemingly automatic "charm" about them that attracts the opposite sex without them even trying
  • What about social situations – group gatherings, parties or a night out can be frustrating if you are always trying so hard to just keep people paying attention to you

Sometimes it can seem like you are invisible – that you have no ability to get noticed and the harder you try, the worse it seems to get. You just don't seem to have the personal power to attract desirable people toward you.

Here are 5 ways to magically attract people to you, no matter how much of an outcast you feel like today:

1. Be comfortable with yourself. It sounds kind of odd to think that we are often not comfortable with ourselves doesn't it? But it's true – especially in social situations. You can improve your comfort level and work on being more confident overall by using techniques like yoga and meditation. Just 20-minutes of mediation each day can have a dramatic impact on your self-confidence over time resulting in more attractiveness on the outside. You can learn the basics of yoga and meditation from a local class in your area, books or online at yoga and meditation resources such asthis one.

2. Learn to listen and ask questions. People like to talk about themselves, so a great way to break the ice and create interest in yourself is to begin by putting others in a comfortable place of answering questions about themselves.

3. Pay attention to your own health and personal development. When someone appears confident and successful, they draw people toward them. If you look defeated, withdrawn and have not taken care of yourself then that shows to those around you and they will avoid you. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, take care of yourself and others will be drawn to you.

4. Learn to tell stories. Have you ever noticed that some of the most popular people are those that tell great stories. It's not that the story itself needs to be great, it's just that it needs to be told in a passionate and confident way. Make sure you observe what is going on around you, stay abrest of current events and learn to tell stories.

5. Take the positive spin…People want to be around other positive people not complainers or those who always take the negative spin. If you can see the positive in situations – even better – take action towards making things more positive then you will be seen as someone of high social importance becoming much more attractive to those around you.

You may think that personal power is a result of chemistry or social skill that you cannot learn and so you are destined to always be someone who does not attract attention – but you can change all of that by following some simple steps to improve your self-confidence, improve your image and learn how to engage others more easily.


Sumber: http://www.peak-personal-development.com/blog/index.php/5-ways-to-attract-people-to-you/

~kena banyak muhasabah diri untuk menjadi yang terbaik!

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